The demons are innumerable, appear at the most inconvenient times, and create panic and terror. But I have learned that if I can master the negative forces and harness them to my chariot, then they can work to my advantage.
Ingmar Bergman (via somehow-furious)

After the Rehearsal Ingmar Bergman Erland Josephson Ingrid Thulin Lena Olin
30 plays

Ma L’amore No- Lina Termini

Ma L'amore No- Lina Termini Lina Termini
The Seventh Seal Ingmar Bergman Max von Sydow Gunnar Björnstrand Bengt Ekerot Bibi Andersson
31 plays

Josephine Baker - La Conga blicoti

Josephine Baker - La Conga blicoti
Summer Interlude Ingmar Bergman Maj-Britt Nilsson Birger Malmsten
Hannah and her sisters Woody Allen
59 plays

Billie Holiday - Blue Moon

Birgit Nordin - Queen of the Night - Der Holle Rache

Queen of the Night Magic Flute Bergman
Midnight in Paris Woody Allen Owen Wilson